Giclee Reproductions

What is a Giclee Reproduction?

A Giclee print is an art reproduction that is quickly becoming the standard of the art industry and is embraced by many galleries, publishers, and artists.  It is made from a digital scan, using archival inks and paper.  The end result is a reproduction that has brilliant color and sharp detail, very much like the original.

The number of prints made of each of my giclees (THE EDITION) ranges from 50 to 100.  All of these prints are signed and numbered by the artist.  Price quotes are for unframed works.  Framed quotes are available upon request.  Here you can view works of Florals, Still Life, and Birds, and Fruits and Vegetables. Click on an image below to enter a category of interest and view more giclees.





Still Life






Fruits and vegetables




All images exhibited on this web site are for public viewing.  No reproduction rights are granted, licensed or sanctioned in any form and are hereby exclusively reserved by Jan Ford.  All images are copyright, Jan Ford 1987-2006.

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